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Key People

Dr Rob Aitken BA, BSc (Hons), PhD, FIoN

Managing Director, IOM Singapore

Rob has worked at the IOM for more than 35 years and has been a member of IOM's management board for more than 12 years. In addition to his role in Singapore, he is Director of Strategic Consulting at IOM and he leads IOM's work programme on nanotechnology risk which currently encompasses SAFENANO, more than ten major European Commission FP7 framework projects and a series of major public reviews for Government Agencies. His main scientific interests are in exposure and risk assessment of fine particles and he has contributed more than 50 publications on these issues.

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Dr Michael Riediker, A.A. Prof. NTU, PD Unil

Director of SAFENANO, IOM Singapore

Michael directs the research activities at IOM Singapore. He is a highly experienced in risk assessment relating to gaseous and particulate pollutants and noise exposure from environmental sources and industrial processes, and how to assess their link to health. He uses this insight to consult governments and companies about how policies, R&D and production processes can be improved to address these risks.

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Zephan Chan, BEnvOHS, GradCert WSH, SDip OH, GradIOSH

Head of Occupational Hygiene, IOM Singapore

Zephan has extensive working experience as an occupational health, safety and environmental consultant to various industries and public organizations in Singapore and the region. He has provided consultancy support in the development of and implementation of safety and health and environmental management systems, risk assessment and management. He is an ACTA certified WSH trainer and developer and has developed and taught a range of Ministry of Manpower accredited courses including bizSAFE.

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