Our Trainers

Dr Midori Courtice

Dr Midori Courtice is a research scientist with IOM Singapore. Midori has an MSc in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene and a PhD in Public Health. She also holds a Certificate in International Development from the University of British Columbia and is an asbestos analyst certified by the McCrone Research Institute. She has eight years of research experience, largely focused on asbestos exposure and the epidemiology of asbestos-related diseases in the context of developing economies such as China and Bangladesh.

Midori designed and led an MSc course on bulk asbestos identification and fibre counting techniques which included a classroom lecture and laboratory demonstration.

At IOM Singapore Midori is working on a project to estimate the numbers of cancers and respiratory diseases that have occurred, and are likely to occur in the future, as a result of working in the Singaporean construction industry.