Our Trainers

Dr Yu Ting

Dr. Yu Ting is a Research Scientist with IOM (Institute of Occupational Medicine) Singapore Pte. Ltd. He has 8 years of experiences in nanotechnology, including purification and characterizations of nanomaterials, fabrication and applications of nanocomposite and nanomaterial safety.

After joining IOM Singapore, Dr. Yu has been focusing on risk assessment and management of nanomaterials and development of recommendations and practice guidance on nanomaterial safety in the workplace of Singapore. He has extensive knowledge on best practices for safe handling of nanomaterials. He also provides consultancy services of nanomaterial safety to clients in nanotechnology industry and safety data sheet (SDS) authoring services.

Dr. Yu mentored 8 students in 6 projects and led over 30 undergraduate laboratory sessions. He received the “Outstanding Mentor Award” from the 17th Youth Science Conference organized by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Dr. Yu is also a WDA approved asbestos surveyor.