Why IOM?

Experience, Expertise and Value in Workplace Health

IOM (Institute of Occupational Medicine) is a proven provider of solutions to improving industrial hygiene and workplace health. Whether your requirement is for multi-disciplinary research, strategic advice, expert opinion or on-site measurement and monitoring, IOM Singapore can help.

Why IOM is Different

We offer our clients a number of key and, in some areas, unique benefits in the way we work:-

Unparalleled Experience

  • We have been doing this for over forty years, with an international reputation in workplace health research and commercial support and services to our diverse client base.
  • Our Singapore Consulting team comprises some of our very best and most senior consulting experts

Unique Expertise

  • Workplace Health - we understand workplace health hazard assessment and we are confident we will be able to significantly reduce the exposure risk to your employees
  • Nanoparticle health and safety - we are international leaders and unique in our research in this field. We advise on the human exposure impact of the latest production materials, chemicals and nanoparticles.

Commercial Understanding

  • We believe that Singapore represents the heart of global industrial development and we aim to support Singapore businesses wishing to deliver not only compliance, but also improved understanding of workforce safety and health.


  • We are professionals in our field, accredited and expert in our understanding of issues and solutions. We are professional in our processes, reporting and client services approach


  • We thrive on delivering value for our clients, saving money by reducing employee risk and ill-health and ensuring compliance.
  • We deliver true insight and best practice adding value to existing thinking and processes

Our senior consultants at IOM would be pleased to explore how we can help and will be happy to explain a little more over an informal chat or a formal presentation.

Did you know?

257 Workers suffered major injuries between January and June 2013 in Singapore.