Our Approach

Independence, Integrity and Authority

IOM Singapore's work is geared towards objective, independent assessments of workplaces and benefit-led recommendations, whether derived from desk-based consulting or from the review of site-based measurement and analysis.

IOM is an internationally recognised authority on workplace health. Our work is accepted across all stakeholder groups, from management to employee representatives as well as regulatory agencies. Our consultants identify areas of poor practice which may need attention, and provide clear recommendations for improvement. Our methodology, reporting and recommendations are precise, to the point and practicable.

Breadth and Depth of Workplace Health Expertise

IOM Singapore's work is directed towards protecting workplace health. Whether this translates into traditional occupational hygiene or the management of uncertainty associated with new and emerging technologies, we can help in:

  • Planning
  • Toxicity reviews
  • Policy development
  • Risk assessment
  • Monitoring
  • Risk mitigation
  • Analysing occupational hygiene and health statistics
  • Training

Our approach is ultimately built around real business benefit. IOM Singapore brings an international perspective to support the drive towards improved workplace health risk management in Singapore. Our experts work with industry and government to share knowledge, improve conditions and minimise health risks in current and emerging work environments.

Over Forty Years of Expertise

Finally, our clients benefit from some of the foremost experts in their fields who deliver true value for money via careful consideration of our clients' needs and understanding of how to best achieve the integrity of results required to meet the workforce safety needs and to ensure compliance with workplace safety legislation.

Did you know?

25 Workers were fatally injured between January and June 2013 in Singapore