MARINA - Managing Risks of Nanomaterials - Tools and Methods to Address Uncertainties in Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials

Date: 25 January 2016 – 25 January 2016
Time: 08:30

In Partnership with Tokyo University of Science, National Institute for Materials Science and IOM Singapore

Course Overview
MARINA is a multinational effort that developed and validated over the past four years Risk Management Methods for Nanomaterials. Several Japanese groups were importantly involved this is project and provided their insight and expertise. This was very important because Japanese nanomaterial researches and developers are amongst the forerunners in this novel technological field.

Within MARINA, a flexible and efficient RA strategy was developed that considers the impact of the varying properties of an ENM during the various cycle stages on human health and combines with environmental risks. MARINA addressed all four central themes for the Risk Assessment and Management of Nanomaterials: Materials, Exposure, Hazard and Risk.

This workshop aims to present some of the key findings of the MARINA project with a particular focus on aspects that are of high importance to Japanese research and industry. The speakers are renowned researches in their respective field, and many of them were actively involved in the MARINA project.

Payment Instructions
General: ¥ 5,000 Japanese yen
Student: ¥ 2,000 Japanese yen
(to be paid by cash on site, fee includes lunch and coffee breaks)

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