2013 National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign

Date: 23 May 2013

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong launched the 2013 National Workplace Safety and Health Campaign this week. Speaking at the Asia Centre in the heart of the city, the Prime Minister called for increased efforts to make workplaces accident-free. He was joined by top-level representatives from 37 governmental agencies and made a public commitment to improved Workplace Safety and Health in the public and private sector in a  remarkable example of leadership in occupational risk management. The coming year will be seeing many initiatives and awareness raising activities. It will be important to empower everybody, CEO, foreman, and all workers to take the responsibility for their safety and for their health and to give them the necessary means to do so. Details of the 2013 campaign can be found here


IOM has many decades of experience in supporting companies in the establishment of good safety and health culture. Come and talk to us if you want to follow the example of your Prime Minister.

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