Advice On Risk Control Measures For Working In Hazy Conditions

Date: 20 June 2013

The haze levels in Singapore have reached a record high of PSI level 371 (1:00pm Thursday) and are now at levels which are regarded "Hazardous". This is a serious situation which now requires employers to take action to protect the health and the safety of their employees.


The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has urged employers to review the impact of unhealthy PSI levels on employees performing strenuous work outdoors. MOM has released guidelines for employers on protecting employees against the effects of haze.

Their recommendations may be summarised as follows:

  1. Identify susceptible employee and reduce outdoor work
  2. Determine criteria for stopping outdoor work
  3. Improve efficiency of air cleaning devices
  4. Ensure sufficient stock of disposable N95 respirators
  5. All employees carrying out outdoor work must be provided with suitable respirators  if the PSI level is above 300

IOM Singapore have received several enquiries from our clients about good control measures to protect their employees. We have developed a short note to assist employers to comply with the MOM recommendations by providing further information about good practice.

You can download the guidance document  here 

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Did you know?

263,092 Man-days lost at work between January and June 2013