IOM Singapore’s SAFENANO launches RiskMap

Date: 23 January 2015

Singapore/Tokyo, MR: IOM Singapore's directors will lift the veil from the SAFENANO RiskMap, IOM's latest offering to companies, on 28 January 2015 at the world's largest exhibition on nanotechnology, NanoTech 2015 in Tokyo. Inadequately examined risks and a changing regulatory environment slows down investment and the market launch of products developed with new nanomaterials. The SAFENANO RiskMap is a planning and management tool which helps companies address these challenges.

The newly developed SAFENANO RiskMap provides companies with an environmental, health and safety profile to make products that are safe from R&D to full production. This allows them integrate risk management in their innovation process and make it part of their business success.

The SAFENANO RiskMap identifies critical elements in R&D, materials and production processes, tells which gaps need to be addressed and defines the best time to implement the various measures. This way, companies can build up their risk management system step by step and over time integrate the EHS approach into the corporate management. This results in more cost effective solutions and is better for workers and the environment.

Visit the SAFENANO-team at booth to learn more about the SAFENANO RiskMap and how it helps you integrate safety and health in your business strategy.


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