Online Courses for British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS)

Date: 30 April 2020

Due to the COVID-19 situation, IOM Singapore will be conducting courses by British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) in a hybrid mode. All courses are conducted as per usual within 5 days but will now be scheduled into 3 days and 2 days separately.  

Timeline Overview
Day 1 to Day 3: Distance learning lesson conducted online
Day 4: Practical assessment + Revision
Day 5: Written examination

Day 4 and 5 will be scheduled once IOM Singapore is able to conduct classes/examination.

Mode of Lesson (Day 1 to Day 3)
All online lessons will be conducted via Zoom.

A link will be sent to you daily before the commencement of the lesson with the necessary information to enter the Zoom’s Meeting.

Participants who do not have a Zoom account need not sign up or download the application. It can be accessed through browser and attend as a Guest. Do enter using your name so we are able to verify your attendance.

Participants can raise any questions or comments during the lesson by using the microphone or typing in the chat box function.

Practical Assessment & Revision (Day 4)
Practical assessment will be conducted at IOM Singapore. The trainer will go through with the participants on more details about practical assessment. This assessment has to be submitted by email to IOM Singapore 1 week later.

*Practical assessment contributes to your final result and is part of all BOHS courses except W201. 

Written Examination (Day 5)
BOHS examinations are all open-book. Upon completion of the written examination, it will be sent to BOHS based in United Kingdom for marking. Hard-copy certificates will be mailed to Singapore within 3 – 5 working weeks to IOM Singapore and we will mail them out individually by registered post from there.

  • Only printed worksheets or any form of paper notes are allowed during the examination. No form of electronic devices are allowed to be used during the examination.
  • Bring along any personal stationeries that you will be using. This includes calculator (if needed).

Other information:

  • Participants who only opt to take the lessons without the examination will receive a Participation of Certificate by IOM Singapore.
  • Participants who decides to take the examination (change of mind) can contact the Training Team for more information and arrangement.

Cost Fees
$1,200 (before GST) for 3 days of distance learning lessons. 

$450 (before GST) for the written examination.*

*Basically for Day 4 and 5. If the participant did not manage to pass the overall result and decide to resit for the written examination, the total fee will be $450 even if they do not need to redo the practical assessment. 

Continual Professional Development
Points: WSHO 40 SDU

For Workplace Safety Officers, it will be compulsory to take the courses from Day 1 to Day 5 in order to obtain the points.

Do drop an email at training@iom-world.sg with your Full Name (as per NRIC) and NRIC number (format: SXXX1234A) to be submitted to the Singapore Institution of Safety Officers (SISO).

Any further enquiries you can contact us at training@iom-world.sg and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Did you know?

87% Of Occupational diseases comprises of Noise induced deafness (NID)