Occupational Hygiene

Occupational Disease Investigations

There are complex links between health effects, occupational diseases and workplace exposure. Thorough investigation is required to establish cause-and-effect relationship between the alleged workplace illness and the potential exposure  

At IOM, our health and safety specialists, ergonomists and occupational hygienists have conducted numerous of investigations on workplace accidents and occupational diseases. We have provided authoritative evidence for many occupational disease including:

  • accident caused by human factors or negligence
  • occupational overuse due to manual handling
  • upper limb disorders
  • allergic and contact dermatitis
  • asbestos related diseases
  • respiratory diseases
  • occupational cancers

We help our clients to

  • establish link between reported illness and potential work exposure
  • disprove alleged occupational illness and injuries
  • determine the source of infection / cause of illness
  • recommend intervention, corrective  and preventive actions

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Did you know?

1969 was the year IOM started delivering workplace health research and services