Face Fit Tester Training Course

Face Fit Tester Training Course

Location: Singapore
Duration: 2 days


Many people use respiratory protective equipment (RPE) to reduce their exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace. But many of these people are not getting the protection they think they are – or that they deserve.

Respirators must be selected not only to give the appropriate protection but also to fit each and every wearer. This is particularly important where the respirator relies on a tight seal between the mask and the wearers face.

Ask yourself:
• Does the RPE you provide to each employee fit them properly?
• Would you know if changes occur which could affect and reduce the fit?
• Have any face fit tests which have been carried out been conducted by a competent tester?

If you are unsure of the answers or require information on the fit testing of respirators IOM can offer training to your staff members to enable them to conduct face fit testing of respirators using either a Qualitative Test Method or a Quantitative Test Method course (Portacount®) or both.

Remember it is a legal requirement that workers who use tight fitting respiratory protective equipment must be fit tested by a competent person; refer to COSHH, CLAW and CAR and Ionising Radiation Regulations or further details.

The training is designed to provide those attending with an understating of how to use the test equipment, how to conduct the tests and how to evaluate the results of the tests.

Please note that we cannot provide Fit2Fit accreditation and individuals must sit and pass the Fit2Fit exam, provided by BSIF, to achieve such accreditation. IOM and BSIF recommend that before accreditation is sought testers gain sufficient experience of the equipment and conducting the tests and importantly a wide knowledge of the different types of tight fitting RPE available.

Who Should Attend
Anyone intending to conduct face fit testing.

Course Outline
• RPE Selection and Face Fit Testing
• Theory behind Test Methods
• Emphasis on Practical Training Sessions
• Experienced Trainers with their own accreditation for the test methods
• Troubleshooting tips
• Small classes for better tuition
• A range of RPE to learn with

Course assessment
• Theoretical question paper
• Practical Face Fit assessment

Please note, this course helps prepare for attaining Fit2Fit accreditation, but does not provide it. By passing this course, attendees will show they have the basic knowledge and practical abilities to start face fit testing. However, only by then gaining experience and then passing the Fit2Fit accreditation exam will anyone be able to prove their competency.

Continuous Professional Development
WSHO 16 SDU (pending approval)

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided for each person attending the course and demonstrating that they have understood the course content and have a basic knowledge in the use of the test method equipment.

This is an Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) accredited course.


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