How to get Staff to Follow Rules Willingly– Practical Change Techniques for Safety

How to get Staff to Follow Rules Willingly– Practical Change Techniques for Safety

Location: Singapore
Duration: 1 day

A lot of safety problems in the workplace are actually not technical problems. They are ‘people’ problems.

Complacency, resistance to change and lack of ownership are some of the people-related problems you may face. Yet, with so many training and procedures, why are employees still not behaving accordingly? What more can be done beyond the Educate-Nag-Enforce approach?

This workshop aims to expand your toolkit in tackling the people side of safety. Its concepts are rooted in psychology and organizational behaviours, which are distilled into practical approaches that can be applied in any workplaces. This is not a typical lecture-style workshop, but one with lots of interaction, exercises and fun.

Who should attend
Workplace Safety and Health professionals, Facility Managers, Workplace Managers and anyone who manages PPE.

Topics Covered

  • Why blaming and punishing seldom works? 
  • Why do people behave unsafely? (understanding the inducing factors of System, Attitude and Culture)
  • When should employees take accountability for an unsafe act?
  • The way human mind works
  • Why facts and statistics are insufficient to drive change
  • Practical techniques you can use to change the attitude of employees

Course Duration: 8 hours

Continuous Professional Development:



Attendees will be awarded a certificate of attendance.

This course is an accredited course by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) Singapore.


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