Stakeholder Management

Course Details
Date: 18 June 2021
Time: 9am - 6pm
Fee: SGD$374.50 (Including GST)
Delivery: Virtual Learning (using Zoom)

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Course Overview
Managing organisation's key stakeholders, strategic partners and investors to maintain high levels of engagement by identifying needs, setting service standards and resolving issues in accordance with organisational procedures. By developing relationships, engage relevant stakeholders and facilitate alignment of stakeholders’and project objectives. 

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Stakeholder relations in project management
  2. Analysis techniques for interpreting stakeholder feedback
  3. Methods to clarify and understand different ideas and opinions
  4. Communication management for different target audiences
  5. Methods to identify levels of stakeholders' influence and importance
  6. Industry best practices in relationship management
  7. Project management techniques
  8. Cultural awareness


  1. Determine specific interests, expectations and influence of stakeholders
  2. Facilitate networking opportunities to build relationships
  3. Engage relevant stakeholders to understand their project expectations and requirements
  4. Develop plans for early engagement to allow time for buy-ins and consultations with stakeholders
  5. Analyse and interpret collated feedback using appropriate analysis techniques
  6. Address mismatched areas of expectation andrefer to relevant project authorities for advice
  7. Facilitate alignment of expectations between relevant stakeholders and project teams
  8. Build relationships with relevant stakeholders throughout project lifecycles according to stakeholder management plans
  9. Drive the relationship process and communication plans to ensure that stakeholdersare constantly kept informed

A Certificate of Participation will be provided for each person attending the course and demonstrating that they have understood the course content.

Continual Professional Development


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