The Management of Stress in the Workplace

The Management of Stress in the Workplace

Location: Singapore
Duration: 3 hours


Stress has been recognised by many authorities throughout the world as one of the biggest single causes of work-related sickness absence.  Its causes are multiple and, although non-work activities are undoubtedly important, there is a widespread belief that work factors can make a major contribution in some instances.

Reduction at source is the best approach to any work-related risk to health and stress is no different.  Although non-work factors can undoubtedly play a role it is important for employers to recognise the part that work can play and to appreciate what they can do to reduce or remove sources of stress at work.

This course will briefly outline what we understand by stress; what factors at work (and outside) can contribute to it; and what the potential consequences are for the individual or an employer. 

The presentation will then summarise what is considered to be an appropriate course of action for employers, with primary prevention (prevention at source) coupled with both secondary and tertiary measures.  This will reflect what is currently recognised as best practice.  The session will include freely available tools which can be used to determine the extent of stress-related ill-health in the workplace and assess the extent of different psychosocial risks.


By the end of the session attendees will:

  • Have a better understanding of what is meant by the term stress;
  • Be aware of the potential role for work factors and have an appreciation of what those factors are;
  • Know how to approach the process of risk assessment in the context of stress;
  • Understand the principles of addressing stress problems in the workplace;
  • Have an appreciation of how best to deal with any individual employee suffering from stress at work.

Who should attend?
Anyone & everyone who has an interest in managing stress at work!

Continual Professional Development

Candidates will be awarded a certificate of attendance in 'The Management of Stress in the Workplace'.

This is an Institute of Occupational Medicine (IOM) accredited course.


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