Understanding Business Negotiation

Course Details
Date: 28 May 2021
Time: 9am - 6pm
Fee: SGD$374.50 (Including GST)

Course Overview
This course aims to equip the learner with the knowledge and skills to be prepared to lead and manage a negotiation process. With the use of a variety of tactics to process information effectively to negotiate in different situations. In particular, a strong focus on negotiation with business processes and provides insights into the best practices and pitfalls of negotiation with business counter parts in economics. Upon completion of this course, you will find yourself confidently equipped to tackle and negotiation situation.

Skills and Knowledge

  1. Negotiation objectives and context
  2. Types of negotiation processes and techniques
  3. Social and cultural differences which may affect negotiations
  4. Communication and conflict resolution techniques
  5. Conditions for successful negotiation
  6. Emotional intelligence management
  7. Cost-benefit impact
  8. Principles in ethics


  1. Identify negotiation outcomes in commercial situations to establish organisation’s desired position in negotiations
  2. Prepare relevant background information to understand stakeholders’ positions
  3. Apply knowledge of interpersonal relationships to facilitate  negotiation processes
  4. Plan alternatives and outcomes for stakeholders in negotiations to support negotiation objectives
  5. Apply communication and conflict resolution techniques to achieve desired negotiation outcomes
  6. Take necessary follow-up actions to close negotiations
  7. Monitor negotiation outcomes against objectives

A Certificate of Participation will be provided for each person attending the course and demonstrating that they have understood the course content.

Continuing Professional Development 


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